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Courses developed, convened, and taught: 

Dancing Histories (2012-2017): 

This module is designed to provide students with knowledge and understanding of Western Theatrical Dance history. The module combined theory and practice and introduced students to the histories and practices embedded in Western theatrical dance and the research methods associated with the study of dance history. (HE level 4) 

Dance and Identity (2009-2011): 

This module is designed to interrogate notions of identity and explore the ways in which dance practice has challenged conventions of stable identity, gender-based, ethnic and social construction. It also aims to develop students’ ability to frame sophisticated and creative arguments in writing and/or through performance. (HE level 6).

Performing Techniques (2012-2017): 

The module emphasises the relationship between technique and the performance of repertoire (e.g. canonical works and works from renown choreographers of the 20th and 21st century). The module aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of dance techniques and performance practices. (HE levels 5 and 6)

Classical Forms (2009-2012): 

This module explores and interrogates the concept of classicism in dance in relation to specific classical forms. The module enables students to gain a theoretical and embodied understanding of ideas underpinning specific classical dance forms. (HE level 5).

Performance Practice (2007-2009): 

This module focusses on the enhancement and development of performance. Students engage in learning two different repertoire works and in the methods used to increase performance (e.g. training, expression, reflection). (HE level 6) 

The Dancing body (2007-2009):

Through a reflective approach this module encourages students to analyse and observe their own practice as well as their colleges and to strengthen the sense of performance during ballet training.


Dance Making: Creation and collaboration (2012-2017):

This module is designed to develop new skills whilst allowing students to capitalise on existing skills in the process of conceiving, devising and delivering a creative outcome.The module introduces students to collaborative approaches to creative practice. The collaborative approach will be explored in two different areas: choreographic practice and collaboration with different fields (e.g drama, film, music). (HE level 6)

Special Study: Choreography and Composition (2009-2012): 

This module fosters links between the Music and Dance fields. Choreographers and composers work together to conceive, plan and create their performances and choreographers also create and rehearse other elements of their performances with guidance and ongoing feedback from tutors. (HE level 6) 

Dance on Screen (2009-2012): 

This module introduced students to Dance on Screen, with a particular focus on video dance. Through the lectures, workshops and viewings students expand their  knowledge on the codes and conventions of the practice, challenge the way in which they view dance on screen, and develop the ability to analyse video dance through analytical tools.(HE level 6) 

Course tutor: 

Critical Studies (2017-2019):

This module explores how issues of cultural and philosophical relevance can usefully illuminate contemporary dance theory and practice. (HE Level 5)

Dance in the Global City: Critical and analytical perspectives (2010-2012): 

This module introduces the student to a variety of critical perspectives, which you can apply to the analysis of dance. (HE Level 5)

Ballet: Its diversity and influence (2007-2009) [distance learning module] 

The module focusses on the world of ballet from multiple perspectives (e.g. history, society, education and performance). Students lead a research project based on one of the strands examined in class. (HE Level 6)



Supervision and tutoring final year Dissertations and research projects. (2007-2019):

Guest lectures: 

City University London (MA) 2015. 


Ballet Teacher (2000-present)

Teaching ballet in vocational, private and community settings in Spain, Germany and United Kingdom. I also coach students for auditions, competitions, and  examinations.  

International Summer Schools (2004-2011): 

Invited by The Royal Academy of Dance to teach Ballet technique, Repertoire and point work in: Tokyo (2006, 2008, 2010,2011), Italy (2004, 2005, 2011), Germany (2005), and Singapore (2005).


Repertoire Workshops (2004-2016): 

Delivery of Classical ballet  repertoire workshops to children and adults of different ages and abilities in London (MOVE IT, RAD), Spain and Germany

Professional Dancer's Teaching Diploma: The Royal Academy of Dance (2007-2009): 

Taught syllabus sessions and tutorials to professional dancers transitioning to a teaching career. 

Dance Faculty: The Royal Academy of Dance (2015-2017): 

Taught free point work classes to Advanced 2 students (2015-2017); Taught free classes and syllabus classes (RAD) to advanced and graded students. (2005-2009).

Ballet Mistress (2004-2005):

Taught daily class and répétiteur of The Curve Foundation Dance Company (Edinburgh, Scotland). 






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