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Salgado, M (2017) ‘Performing history: Wind tossed (1936), Natural Movement and the hyper-historian’ in Transmissions in Dance:  An Exploration of Contemporary Staging Practices; Main, L (Ed). London: Palgrave McMillan. (pp 61-83)

Salgado, M (in progress) ‘Embodying the past: the body, the archive and Natural movement’ 

Salgado, M (in progress) ‘Orthodoxy and heresy: the Codification of Natural Movement’



Salgado, M (2015) ‘Re-enacting Natural Movement: Wind Tossed (1936) and the Hyper Hystorian’ in the Choreographing Historical Works, Queen’s University Belfast, November 2015.

Salgado, M. Salazar, D (2015) ‘Synaesthesia, Performance, Immersive Atmospheres’ Artaud Theater, Brunel University 26th of May 2015.


Salgado, M. Salazar, D (2015) ‘Dialogues in sound and movement: research-led teaching in contemporary choreography and sound composition’ at the The Reflective Conservatoire 4th International Conference- Creativity and Changing Cultures. The Guildhall School of Music & Drama at the Guildhall School and Barbican Arts & Conference Centre,London, 26th  February 2015. [abstract]


Salgado, M (2014) 'Ghosts in the making: historiographical approaches to choreography' in Higher education in Discussion Forum: Ghosts and Spectres in Dance Higher Education (supported by DanceHE). London 22nd of March 2014.


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Salgado, M. (2012) 'Exploring the power of the dance performer'. Sensible Flesh: Rethinking the Body in the 21st Century seminar series at Kings College London February 13th 2012 [Invited talk]


Salgado, M. (2010) 'Beyond the surface:  articulating the power of the performer' paper presented at Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) and American Society for Theatre Research conference, Seattle, USA, 18-21 November 2010 [Keynote]. [abstract]


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Salgado, M. (2009) 'Orthodoxy and Heresy: the codification of Natural Movement', paper presented at Moving naturally: Re-thinking Dance 1900s-1930s, International Symposium University of Surrey, 31 October 2009.

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